Frequently Asked Questions

Should I visit an urgent care or go to the emergency room?

If you believe your life is at risk then call 911 or go to the Emergency Room; however, urgent care can typically handle non-life threatening medical issues. Benefits of urgent care over the emergency room include lower overall costs, lower co-pays, convenient locations close to home, and shorter wait times.

Do I have to fill out paperwork again if I have visited your offices before?

If you have visited one of our centers in the last three (3) years, then you will not have to fill out New Patient paperwork. We will have your charts and records available via our electronic medical records system no matter which location you previously visited. If you have never visited one of our centers OR if it has been three (3) years since your last visit to one of our centers, then you will have to fill out New Patient paperwork.

What will I owe if I visit Peachtree Immediate Care?

It depends. If you have health insurance then you could owe a co-pay, a deductible, or possibly full payment for the visit. We can typically look up what your insurance company requires when you arrive. If you do not have insurance, then we have a cash or self-pay schedule that defines what your charges will be for the visit. An overview of self-pay pricing is available under the "Insurance & Billing" tab on this website.

Do I need or can I make an appointment?

Urgent care patients are typically seen on a walk-in basis so you can come in anytime we’re open and be seen in a time-efficient manner. For your convenience, check in online for any of our centers and wait where you want. We’ll give you an expected visit time and text you with updates so your wait time in-clinic will be shorter.

If I show up right before you close will you be able to take me?

Absolutely. We take patients right up until we close the doors. If there are several people that show up right before we close, however, it might make more sense if you can wait until the next morning to come back to visit us then. We are here for you either way.

If I need outside services like an MRI or a specialist, can you still help me?

Yes, we can provide the initial non-life threatening patient visit and, if additional services are required, we can help refer you to the proper provider and get an appointment.

I'm required to get a pre-employment drug test - can you help?

Yes, we can handle most drug test requirements from regulatory to government to private company requirements.

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